Kalalaya , is a new School of Indian Performing Arts set up by Ramesh and Priya, who have years of experience in directing and performing  Indian classical art forms in many countries. Kalalaya is a uniquely focused company that specialises in the various Indian performing arts like dance and music.

Our Vision

The vision of Kalalaya is to promote Indian Classical dance and Music through instructional classes and professional performances and to expand India's expressive art forms to the current as well as the upcoming generation by:

Provide a nurturing environment to learn, share and promote India's glorious music & dance heritage.  

Inviting contemporary legends of various art forms to perform in Australia. 

Providing opportunities for young and upcoming local artists to present to an appreciative audience.  

Facilitating skills transfer from legendary artists to local dance and music enthusiasts.

Benefits and Features

Beginners:Golden Steps to the world of Indian classical dance

Learners: Build-up more confidence with innovative ideas

Scholars: All out to the field of choreography

Perform:Skill in front of large gathering including dignitaries

Continued every year